Sikamikanico (Under The Bridge, Wayne's World, Live Rare Remix Box, Plasma Shaft)

Fela's Cock (Under The Bridge, Breaking The Girl, Suck My Kiss, Live Rare Remix Box, Plasma Shaft)

Soul To Squeeze (Coneheads, Greatest Hits, Give It Away, Under The Bridge, Live Rare Remix Box,Plasma Shaft)

Castles Made Of Sand (BSSM ITunes release)

Little Miss Lover (BSSM ITunes release)

Melancholy Mechanics (Warped, Twister)

Let's Make Evil (My Friends, OHM ITunes release)

Stretch (My Friends, OHM ITunes release)

Bob (One Hot Minute ITunes release)

I Found Out (Working Class Hero: A Tribute To John Lennon)

Love Rollercoaster (Beavis And Butt-Head Do America)

Gong Li (Scar Tissue)

Instrumental #1 (Scar Tissue)

Instrumental #2 (Californication)

Teatro Jam (Around The World)

How Strong (Otherside, M.O.M. III)

Quixoticelixer (Californication ITunes release)

Over Funk (Californication ITunes release)

Fat Dance (Californication ITunes release)

Time (By The Way)

Teenager In Love (By The Way)

Body Of Water (The Zephyr Song)

Someone (The Zephyr Song)

Out Of Range (The Zephyr Song)

Rivers Of Avalon (The Zephyr Song)

Slowly Deeply (Universally Speaking)

Bicycle Song (By The Way ITunes release)

Runaway (By The Way ITunes release)

Havana Affair (We're A Happy Family: Tribute To The Ramones)

Fortune Faded (Greatest Hits)

Save The Population (Greatest Hits)

Eskimo (Fortune Faded)

Bunker Hill (Fortune Faded)

Million Miles Of Water (Dani California)

Lately (Dani California)

What Ever We Want (Dani California)

A Certain Someone (Tell Me Baby)

Mercy Mercy (Tell Me Baby)

Funny Face (Snow (Hey Oh))

I'll Be Your Domino (Snow (Hey Oh))

Joe (Desecration Smile)

Save This Lady (Desecration Smile)